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The robot vacuum cleaner for your family

Recently, VTV released a new Robot Vacuum Cleaner V6, opened a new pattern of smart home appliances.

Many young people want to have the opportunity to do it for themselves or for the elderly. Robot Vacuum Cleaner V6 not only can independently decide to give hard-working helpers in China, but also can express the hand of filial piety to their parents.


V6 has three color choices (white snow white, mysterious dark night black, passionate orange), according to the home decoration options, you can choose according to personal preference, more choices more stylish.

With toughened glass HD touch panel, the working data is clear and easy to operate.

Remove the collision edge block, the power back to charge by induction easier.

robot vacuum cleaner


V6 robot vacuum cleaner with the third generation roller brush, hair gel, easy to clean. Scan mode switching also enhances the ability to clean and avoid curly hair.

V6 robot vacuum cleaner also has double conversion technology, the sensor can be installed in the top of the sensor body, in the detection of dust at the entrance, dusty areas or automatic frequency increase motor speed, increase the suction cleaning key.

V6 strong adsorption, cleaner dust, used in a variety of materials floor. Not only a robot sweeper, but also a robot vacuum mop

During the cleaning work, always keep a quiet voice, cleanliness and peace of mind.

The V6 is a family-friendly cleaning robot that's the best choice for every home due to its price and ease of use.

For more detailed cleaning functions and purchase information, please contact customer service.


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